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Why get someone to help you with your CV?

In this current climate, job stability is something that has become very precarious. This is not just a feature of the pandemic world of 2020, the old ‘job for life’ environment has in most cases eroded. What we have now is industries, slowing and shutting down and well-known companies on their knees. At the same time, there are some organisations that have made successes out of the current lock-down restrictions that have affected the global economy.

There are jobs out there and our job at Great Minds for Business is to help you to look the best that you can, on paper. As a CV writer with over 4-years of experience helping job seekers, career changers, students and graduates from a variety of industries land their dream jobs, we have experience assisting people to find their passions and remove themselves from ruts.

A CV is something that showcases your skills, experiences and convinces people to hire you. You might feel attached to the document, as it is essentially your career life story- on paper. However, sometimes whilst pouring over a document, you might fail to see where improvements or changes can be made. This is where having someone who is skilled, experienced and knowledgeable about how a CV can be constructed can help, someone like a CV writer.

Recruitment methods have changed somewhat over the years, previously people would post their CVs on fancy thick paper to organisations who were hiring. These days the vast majority of hiring occurs online; with companies using their own internal e-recruitment portals as well as job boards. These online systems use applicant tracking software and depending on which job you are applying for, your CV is compared to the job advert to see how relevant it is. The more your CV matches, the higher chance you have of getting through to a human being on the other end. This might feel impersonal; but sometimes with hundreds of people applying to one job this is the sifting tool that many organisations use. These applicant tracking systems don’t tend to be fans of too many graphics, tables or logos and adding these to you CV could distort the information it scans which may prevent you CV being noticed.

At Great Minds for Business we don’t use stiff templates, have fancy colours or logos, we rely on the information you give us, focus on your achievements in each role to give you more of a chance of being seen by hiring managers. We also read though, removing and editing text, creating easier to read, scannable CVs. We can help anyone from any industry improve their CV. To date we have worked with most industry professionals including those in law, administration, academia, health, social care, professional services, IT, teaching, hospitality and construction industries.

Why should I get my CV re-written?

Asking for your CV to be rewritten isn’t cheating; people are used to getting feedback about things, from essays, reports and even authors get their books edited and proofread. Your CV will be written with the jobs you have on you horizon in mind, matching as much as possible you jobs to want to apply for.

How it works

1) Send your CV to the CV writer via email ( or using this page.

2) The writer provides you with a FREE CV review

3) You choose if you want the writer to rewrite it

4) You pay the writer (prices start from £89)

5) Writer will send you your first draft within 3 working days

6) You review, make suggestions and add additional information

7) In up to two weeks your CV will be rewritten and you can start applying to new jobs

8) you also get up to 2 FREE revisions within 60 days. That means if you need an additional section added or new job included, two of these will be free within 60 days of purchasing the original rewrite.

So, if you want to increase your chances of landing a job, want a second opinion on your application documents, want to explore a new career or change direction please contact us via email


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